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Automatic high speed edge sealing and shrinking machine


The automatic high-speed edge sealing and shrinking machine uses optoelectronics to automatically detect products, and the packaging capacity is 85 bags/min.

· The edge sealing and shrinking machine adopts imported components to ensure the high-speed running stability of the machine.

· The imported servo motor controls the sealing cutter, it ensures the sealing precision and the firming of the sealing line.

· The shrinking machine adopts the edge-sealing design, the packaging length is unlimited. It can store the product packaging parameters in the system.

· Fault alarm and display function: the machine has a wide packaging range and can package products of different sizes and shapes.

· The height of the sealing line can be adjusted to the height of the package.

Carton Erector


The automatic carton erector machine GPK-40H18E is a patented product independently developed by Gurki. It is the first vertical carton unpacker in China,and the opening speed reaches 18 boxes/min. Compared with the same level of vertical unpacker, the price is 50% lower, which is economical and practical.

· The length and width of the automatic carton erector can be customized with non-standardization.

· Equipped with an induction motor, when the size of the carton changes, the adjustment is very simple, no need to change the mold and tape.

· It can be used alone or in conjunction with automatic packaging line.

· The performance of the parts is precise and durable, the operation process is vibration-free and stable.

· Imported parts and electrical components such as Siemens and Schneider.

· With automatic protection to prevent accidents.

Automatic folding and sealing machine & four-corner sealing machine


GPC-50E+GPG-50 is an automatic "H" seal made by two machines, which are the flaps folding carton sealer and automatic four-corner sealing machine.

· The height of the table top and the height of the carton can be adjusted independently, which is simple and practical.

· The shape is elegant and generous, the parts are stable and durable, and the service life is long.

· The fuselage comes with four high-intensity brake wheels, which is very convenient for transposition work.

· The sealing is fast and beautiful, labor saving and efficient.

· Simple operation, economic durability, safety, the lowest failure rate.

Intelligent express strapping machine


This is a patented product of the unmanned full intelligent express strapping machine independently developed by GURKI, which is specially designed for ecommerce logistics user.We can offer the mainstream ERP system and WMS system according to the needs of customers.It is suitable for occasions with large shipments and diverse product specifications.

· Intelligent scanning
Unmanned automatic express strapping machine with ultra-fast 2D scanning imager,support online monitoring, read information function, provide operators with stable and accurate reading results.

· Intelligent weighing
Equipped with the intelligent weighing system which was independently developed by GURKI, it can quickly and accurately weigh the express weight and automatically upload the weight information, which is convenient and quick.

· Industrial computer
Can store a variety of product packaging data at the same time,can be directly transferred from the system when using, simple and convenient.

Vertical sealing and shrink machine




Automatic folding and sealing machine & four-corner sealing machine


Intelligent express strapping machine



A high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of automated packaging machinery


The reasonswhy GURKI products can be exported to Europe and America, is because we have quality products and services. All our products have passed the CE certification of the European Union and registered brand trademarks abroad. In 2010, we signed a brand agency agreement with a number of US companies. GURKI has 2 million customers worldwide, in South Korea and Vietnam. India, the United Kingdom, Taiwan(China) and other regions set up dealers.


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56 national patents

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GURKI is a quality service provider for many Fortune 500 companies.


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©Copyright 2022 Gurki Packaging All rights reserved.