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Metal fittings heat shrink film packaging machine specializes in oxidation problems

Metal product packaging is particularly strict, because metal-based products are easy to oxidize and rust. The birth of Gurki heat shrink packaging machine can solve the oxidation problem well.

Watsons has used Gurki Automatic Frontal Feeding Sleeve Sealing and Shrinking Machine to pack soda, which has already captured thousands of foodies!

How could Watson get second ranked on rating and sales volume? Gurki has recommended a “killer” to improve their products’ appearance.

Lenovo uses this machine of Gurki to allow different sub-products to complete packing in the same assembly line

Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese?multinational?technology company. He has adopted the GURKI intelligent selection of carton specification packing line solution to quickly seal and package different products.

UNILEVER uses Gurki automatic high-speed side seal shrinking machine to help upgrade the product image

In order to increase the sales volume of the promotion, Gurki recommended a automatic high-speed edge seal shrink GPL-5545H-GPS-5030LW to help Unilever upgrade the product image.

High labor costs? The medical enterprise wants to develop abroad is inseparable from the secret of saving money.

As we all know, foreign labor costs are high, Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co., Ltd, the secret of saving labor is to invite orders to Gurki to purchase fully automated packaging equipment once again.

This company uses Gurki machine in the production line, the orders have reached to more than 10000 per day!

In order to enhance the corporate image, make customers understand the production process and have a more intuitive feeling. Zhongshan Rili requires the addition of a fully automatic folding and sealing line.

HUAWEI uses the high speed automatic carton erector GPK-50 to help upgrade the packaging efficiency.

HUAWEI was founded in 1987, he provide competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of communication networks, IT, smart terminals and cloud services.

SF Express took the lead in launching envelope technology to protect products

SF Express uses Gurki fully automatic high-speed edge sealing shrinking machine. It can reduce the risk of express delivery and can deliver the complete and clean delivery to the customer.


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©Copyright 2023 Gurki Packaging All rights reserved.
©Copyright 2023 Gurki Packaging All rights reserved.