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This company uses Gurki machine in the production line, the orders have reached to more than 10000 per day!

As early as a few days ago, Zhongshan Rili Cosmetics, which is a cosmetics company asked GURKI to specially customize an assembly line for the automatic production of cosmetics. Their production scale is huge, and they have 4 advanced technologies production lines, the daily production capacity of up to 320,000 French Sirius dyes production line, The first half of the assembly line is automatically canned, and the second half is automated packaging. GURKI automatic corner and side type carton sealer can be used with their production equipment, with close technical requirements.

User’s requirements

In order to enhance the corporate image, make customers understand the production process and have a more intuitive feeling. Zhongshan Rili requires the addition of a fully automatic folding and sealing line, requirements:

  • Reduce labor force and save labor force
  • Improve the image of the enterprise of advanced technology production


In response to customer needs, GURKI recommended automatic folding cover and sealing box matching automatic four-corner edge sealing assembly line. From the second half of the video, we can see the contrast between mechanical and manual packaging.


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©Copyright 2019 Gurki Packaging All rights reserved.